Stadt Löffingen (Druckversion)

Hiking suggestion Bachheim

Walking duration:
ca. 3h - 4h

Round tour

Starting point:
Hikers parking site in Bachheim

From the parking site you have to walk the street back a little to the Engen gorge which you peregrinate. At the end of the Engen ravine you arrive at the Wutach gorge from where you hike to the Burgmuehle. Then you walk downstream to the Wutach gorge and to the Kanadiersteg. Now continue hiking upstream to the Inselwirts-Keller, from where you walk back to the hikers parking site.

Hiking suggestion Reiselfingen

Walking duration:
ca. 2h -3h

Starting point: 
Hikers parking site in Reiselfingen, next to the sports field

Walk down to the gorge. After the former Bad Boll you continue your way to the overpass Dietfurt. From there you hike in direction of the Schattenmühle. And from the Schattenmühle you can drive back to Reiselfingen, by bus.

Hiking suggestion Rötenbachschlucht

Walking duration:
ca. 4h-5h

Starting point:
Hikers parking site in Rötenbach

For the way back you can either take the bus or you need 2 cars.Walk downstream past the Rötenbach gorge beyond a gorgeous route to the estuary of the river Wutach-Rötenbach. Then you pass Stallegg, the oldest river power station of Germany. From there you hike to the rock Räuberschlössle, from which you have a beautiful view. Now you continue your way to the Schattenmühle. From the Schattenmuehle you can drive back to Reiselfingen by bus.

Buses for hikers

From May to October there are special buses for hikers. They operate only on weekends and during public holidays. The buses leave from the train station in Löffingen and bring you to the different entrances of the Wutach gorge.